Our Family


alexis1  Alexis has been a wedding and portrait photographer for 10 years.  Her passions include running (5 marathons down!), art, cooking, reading, and traveling.  She was born in Alaska and has lived in Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Florida, and Japan.








jason1  Jason is a pilot (coolest office ever!) and likes to be outdoors doing anything sporty-running, surfing, fishing, hiking, and he plays hockey and soccer.  He’s also a talented artist and has lived in Georgia, Alaska, Florida, Mississippi, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Japan.








skye1  Skye is a precocious 8 year old who loves to create art and build things.  She is incredibly warm and friendly to everyone she meets and has a thirst for knowledge.








claire1  Claire is an incredibly sweet and sensitive 6 year old with a huge heart who wants to be a doctor someday.  She is always on the move and loves animals, art, and tumbling.








flynn1  Flynn is a bright and adventurous 4 year old who’s obsessions range from cars and dinosaurs to sports and playing the violin.

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